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It relies on your GPU for a new look with customizable colors and transparency
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Installing new desktop themes in Windows Vista is not an easy task. Microsoft doesn’t allow you to use themes not digitally signed by them, therefore a system files patcher is required to install our third party favorite themes.
Vista Glazz is a tool that allows us to patch Windows Vista system files in order to install and apply our favorite themes; the most well known feature it includes is the option to keep translucent borders when a window is maximized, something that Windows Vista turns to black automatically when Aero is enabled.
Prior to Vista Glazz, there were other system patcher tools with same functionalities, however using them often ended on a automatic system restore or just nothing happened. Until today all computers I tested with any version of Vista have worked fine, even Service Pack 1.

The only disadvantage you may encounter is that in order to apply themes you need admin rights and / or bypass Vista User Account Control.

Vista Glazz is an small tool that provides a simple but useful functionality to enhance your desktop visual experience, I highly recommend it.

Note: Codegazer website seems to be down, you can find Vistaglazz on cnet´s or using this direct link:

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  • Free
  • Easy-to-use


  • Requires Admin Rights
  • Requires to restart Windows
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